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Thistle Steel Buildings is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of prefabricated cold rolled steel buildings and the home of bespoke steel metal framed buildings for the commercial, agricultural, industrial, automotive and construction industries.

If you are looking for a new steel building, you have come to the right place. We can design, supply and erect a new steel building to your exact specification on time at a seriously affordable price

In the current climate and having witnessed recent foul play in our industry buy similar companies I would strongly recommend that when considering a steel building supplier you consider years in business, number of employees and quality assurances. As part of the Thistle Group we have 19 employees and over 23 year experience in this Industry. Been part of Thistle group we can offer to look at your energy bills and improve them and offer you modern heating solutions to your new building and home.

As a UK cold rolled steel building supplier to be accredited a CE mark in 2014, we pride ourselves on the fact all of our steel structures are fully engineered to the site location and wind zone, producing the strongest, most robust and durable structure.

Thistle Steel structures are designed bespoke to the customer's requirements, meaning whatever the customer needs, Thistle will have a solution, whether it be a small domestic steel garage or carport, or a large industrial unit. All of our steel is produced by a trusted and reliable manufacturer here in the UK, and delivered direct to your site within 3-4 weeks.

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