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Inward or outward opening, left or right hand hung We offer a range of finishes including timber and steel, single or twin skinned all with a host of locking options.


Our normal offering is a steel, twin skinned door which is typically preferred outward opening to maximise internal space flexibility. These doors come with multi point locking - that is to say that in addition to the normal lock at waist level has a number of shot bolts that engage with the frame on the vertical, top and bottom faces. In addition the door has anti jemmy studs which are tough static pins which extend on the hinge face that engages with the frame as the door is shut. This minimises the chances of forced entry by jemmying or hinge rupture at the hinge face.


We offer a huge range of sizes up to 3m x 3m split either 50 or 1m active leaf and 2m passive or anything in between. Standard doors are typically in the region of 830mm wide x 2015 high as clear opening. Disabled access doors are available in a range of sizes.


As with most things if a selection can be made from the standard, rather than special, range of dimensions there are significant cost advantages. Please discuss this with our Sales Team who will be happy to advise.



On larger installations and/or where a number of personnel are located it is naturally a requirement to provide one or more Emergency Fire Exit Doors. We can also offer a selection of doors and crash bar options to suit every requirement. The doors will open outward, can be right or left hand hung and can have, in addition to an internal crash bar or pad, an external handle if required.


Often the decision on some of the detail will be related to security from externally forced entry. In such case we offer a plain external leaf with no handle minimising forced entry option. Owing to the requirement for swift building egress in the event of fire the opportunity for multi point locking does not exist and typically the lock mechanism is rather more conventional. 




Often a requirement for the control of fire spread fire doors come in a range of capabilities in terms of fire control time up to 120 minutes. This is achieved through the internal leaf specification together with the installation of intumescent strip (an expanding self sealing strip) in the door frames.

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