Large door Options

Roller Shutter Doors – Sectional Doors – Large Opening Hydraulic Doors

Sourced from UK suppliers, we can supply access doors suitable for use in all our building ranges, made to your individual requirements to allow maximum access into your building.

Manual or electric operation?

Our advisors are on hand to help you decide depending on your requirements and the intended frequency of use.

Door finishes

Doors can be fitted with galvanised laths or with plastisol coated laths which can be supplied in a variety of colours to suit your building.

Insulated Options

Insulated doors, incorporating a thermal foam infill, can be supplied for a number of our steel framed building ranges to conserve heat.

Roller shutter door & wicket gate

Wicket gates can be incorporated into your roller shutter or sectional door for personnel

access so valuable wall space in your building can be utilised to the full.

The wicket gate remains in situ when the remainder of the roller shutter door is raised.


Large Hydraulic Doors

We can supply a range of cost effective hydraulic doors, offering maximum headroom and maximum width, which are ideal for use with aircraft hangars.

Hydraulic doors are custom manufactured to your specification and preassembled at the factory to ensure a perfect fit.



As a low cost semi transparent system for minimising rain and wind ingress, a strip curtain door is often the best choice. Requiring no power traffic can enter or leave the building by passing through the strips of the door. Dependant upon the strengths of prevailing winds etc Thistle Steel Buildings offers a range of strip widths and overlaps together with strip thicknesses.


Typically this door is installed close to a main steel roller or concertina door such that security can be effected by closing the main door, whilst normal traffic can flow easily through the strip door during the normal working day when security is not an issue.

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